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Competition Dates

The Regional Round entries open 1 Feb 2024 and closes 13 May 2024.

The National Round entries open on 17 June 2024 and closes 31 August 2024.

Regional Round

The Regional Round will be online submissions. Video Entries must reach us on 13 May 2024. Results will be sent out on 27 May 2024.

National Round (Gauteng)

The National Round will be 23 September 2024 – 28 September 2024 @ Midstream Ridge Primary School. Olifantsfontein 410-JR, Olifantsfontein, 1666

Prize Giving and Gala Event

28 September 2024 @ Midstream Ridge Primary School. Olifantsfontein 410-JR, Olifantsfontein, 1666

General Information

  • The competition will take place over two rounds. The Regionals where you must submit a live performance video.
  • The National round will take place in Gauteng over the period of one week and the competition will end off with a gala evening and prize-giving.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • This competition is open to persons from the ages of 5 to 30+ years who currently reside in the Republic of South Africa. The age of a contestant will be deemed as at 31 August 2024.
  • Participants in a signed contract with Record Labels, Talent Agencies etc. will not be eligible for this competition.
  • Participants must enter at least two styles for the Regional round and at least 4 items for the National round to be in contention for the top 10. The average score of the 4 items will be used to determine the winners. Participants can enter as many genres in each category as they want. The overall scores will be worked out by using the average of their top 4 performances in each category.
  • PACISA has the right to amend the age category of the contestant if it is established that the contestant has entered the incorrect age category.
  • PACISA has the right to amend the genre of the item if it is deemed that the contestant has entered the incorrect genre
  • Parents and guardians will be responsible for minor children at all times before, during and after the competition.
  • No monies will be refunded unless PACISA decides to cancel this competition at any time if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances are outside of its control.
  • No flash photography may be used in any of the venues during the competition and all phones must be switched to silent. PACISA will have photographers and videographers at the National round.
  • No intimidation of any contestant by any party or other contestants will be tolerated and all contestants are urged to be highly professional.
  • Photos and videos of the performance during the competition may be used by PACISA for all social media and advertising purposes without remuneration.
  • All tracks of contestants needs to be emailed to before the competition date. Please name the file clearly with their Name, Age Group and category.
  • Participants must register at PACISA at their allocated time given by PACISA. An extra copy of all sheet music for the instrumental category needs to be handed in with registration.
  • Participants must report to the stage manager at least 20 minutes before their allocated time in each category.

Accommodation and Transport

Each participant will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation during the entire competition.

Props and Dress Code

All contestants will be held responsible for their own props, instruments and costumes.

Please note that all costumes and performances must be age appropriate.

Length of performances

Solo and Duet acts

May not exceed 90 seconds.

Acting and Dance

May not exceed 120 seconds.

Group acts

May not exceed 5 Minutes.

Our judges are renowned in the industry and adjudication will be fair and ethical providing the participants with a supreme learning experience in a pleasant environment.

Age groups

Juniors (5-7, 8-10, 11-13,)

Seniors (14-16, 17-19, 20-29, 30+)